Advice on using the site

We have tried to build a website that is easy to use and provides enough information to help you make informed decision in your process of buying a property or business.

 Detailed below are a series of commonly asked questions which may answer queries you may have. If we have not provided the answer to your query here please feel free to call our support team, on 0800 732 536 (business hours Monday – Friday) or send us an email


I want to find more details about a listing

The best way to find out more details regarding a listing on the website is to contact the listing agent whose details are provided on the listing – feel free to call them or send them an email.We do not hold any more information on a listing than that content that we show on the website.


I think the details are wrong

If you think the details on a listing are inaccurate, we would very much appreciate you letting us know. We do not create the content that is shown on the website. We receive listings from real estate agents, however we are passionate about providing you with a great experience and this includes accuracy of information. If you do find these kind of inaccuracies or other aspects that are wrong we will go back to the listings agent and inform them of these facts and encourage them to rectify the problem.


I have not heard back from the agent

We really want to help you progress your property enquiry, we provide a convenient process for you to contact the listing agent for the property, you choose whether to call the agent or send them an email. At the same time we also send you an email which provides the actual email of the agent and their contact numbers.

Agents naturally will be keen to assist you to clarify any questions you have, they will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. If you have not received any feedback we would recommend you call or send a follow up email, equally please free to call us on 0800 732 536 or send us an email and we will see what we can do to help


I would like to advertise my property

This website is accessible for any licensed real estate agent to advertise a property, we do not however take direct bookings from the public for private sales. We would recommend you select your chosen agent and request that they advertise the listing on this website. If the agent has any problems please feel free to get the agent to call us on 0800 732 536 or send us an email, or don’t hesitate to call us directly for us to help


I want to be informed of new listings

Keepin tabs on the real estate market is challenging so to help you we suggest you set up email alerts to provide you with new listings as they come onto the market. Simply register or login to the my property / my portfolio section of the site and then select any search which suits your specifications - it can be as broad or as tight as you want. Simply define your search then click the Email Alerts button at the top right of the search page and then choose the frequency you want these emails sent to you. You will then be subscribed to recieve these new listings as they come onto the site helping you keep in touch with the market.